Acne Fulminans vs.​ Traditional Acne: What Sets Them Apart?

Acne is a common skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide.​ While most cases of acne are mild and easily treatable, there are more severe forms that require specialized care.​ Two such forms of acne are Acne Fulminans and traditional acne.​ While they may appear similar on the surface, there are distinct differences that … Read more

Acne Fulminans: Beyond Skin Deep – The Emotional and Psychological Impact

Acne Fulminans: Beyond Skin Deep? The Emotional and Psychological Impact Acne fulminans, also known as severe acne, is not just a skin condition.​ It goes beyond the surface and deeply affects the emotional and psychological well-being of those who suffer from it.​ The impact of acne fulminans can be devastating, leaving lasting scars on a … Read more